10 Reasons for Self Drive

 Affordable – the 4×4 camper/roof-tent becomes your accommodation and transport and offers excellent value. General prices in Uganda are also low in comparison with many countries in the world. You have the option of taking out an ordinary 4×4 without camping provision.

Unlimited travel – access to all areas, some of the best campsites are only accessible by 4×4

Better game viewing – increased ride height improves visibility for game spotting and photography

Complete experience – you see more when driving the roads and get a better feel for the countries you traverse.

Explore – 4×4 self drive is a must for the more adventurous

Sounds of the bush – while in the safety of your roof tent, the canvas does not block out all the sounds. It’s really out in the wild

Close encounters – there is something special about sharing a campsite with a pride of Lions in one of the many unfenced campsites in the Ugandan or East African parks

Comfort – not only the good and reliable vehicles, you have the comfort of knowing the Alpha Rent A Car team which is only a call away and has years of experience to assist with your situation.

A complete Getaway – ‘Rest your mind revive your soul’ Leave the rat race behind and venture into the peace and tranquility of nature.